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Who we are…

The leading full service, global provider for high quality printing, sustainable packaging and retail print products.

Huco have 2 factories located in China produce both hard line and soft line products.


One factory focuses on hard line packaging, including paper type containers for products such as toys and electrical goods.


Our second factory manufactures plastics for soft-packing products, such as foods and medicine.

Research & Development

The Huco Research & Development team is currently working on developing new products to respond to changing market trends. We also have a Design team working in conjunction with our Structure & Graphics Design team specializing in technical advice, as well as designing extremely competitive packaging methods for your product.

Huco R&D team can also produce amazing 3D lenticular packaging solutions with eye catching morphing effects.

Quality Control


Huco maintains strict quality control over its production lines to ensure only the highest quality of goods are delivered to our clients.


At Huco, we use a single source packaging management system to ensure consistency in paper, plastics, ink and machinery. In order to further improve our high quality packaging solutions, we have our own laboratories conducting experiments on the color and strength of our packaging materials to ensure that the packaging products are durable and appealing to consumers.



Each factory covers about 50,000 square meters and employs about 2,000 well-trained staff. Both factories are equipped with a broad range of state-of-the-art equipment for computer to plate (CTP) and computer to film (CTF) services, as well as sample cutting machines, high quality printing and finishing machines.