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Advocates for sustainability & social responsibility

Our Commitment

Huco is dedicated to environmentally friendly production methods. Some of our customers are among the most demanding in the world on counts of the use of earth friendly materials, safety matters and human rights. We work hard to ensure complete compliance with their specific requirements.


Earth Friendly Materials

Several of our customers have unique environmental concerns and values. Huco is uniquely positioned to help you make a positive impact by using recycled and recyclable materials, lower waste rate and better design.


Huco selects paper mills that use high quality recycled materials. We works together with both our customers and paper companies to develop papers that mimic the performance characteristics of virgin fiber packing material through the use of recycled content.


Adhesive Usage

Huco staff works with adhesive companies to develop sealing methods and technologies to improve the packaging while using less glue. The result is a significantly better box that uses less chemicals. The utilization of water based corn starch glue offers another environmentally friendly alternative to traditional adhesive solutions.


Printing Inks

We’re working hard with ink manufactures to formulate high quality, durable soy based inks for use within our world wide print supply.


Using a vegetable-based ink allows soy ink to produce up to 50% more impressions than the same amount of petroleum based ink.


Because soy based inks are plant oil based, they require less blanket cleaning before print runs, which in turn minimizes additional chemical usage in the printing process.


Soy inks have significantly less volatile components (no harmful fumes or vapors) than their petroleum-based equivalents. And there is less solid waste generated directly during print runs.


Earth friendly processes and methods

Freight Impact

Huco's application of thinner but stronger corrugated outer cartons uses less material without compromising durability. This translates into smaller outer carton cube requirements when packing shipping containers. This means more efficient shipping, minimal damaged product and less consumption of valuable natural resources.


Digital workflow

Huco has eliminated much of the waste associated with proofing our digital files. We are utilizing digital inkjet printers that use a chemical less processes to generate contract capable proofs. Digital workflow’s rely much less on overnight shipping services because these digital proofs can exist in more than one location at a time. Large files are transferred electronically through our high speed network, eliminating further shipping material waste or the use of CD-R’s & FTP.