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Tissue Paper

Soft, Smooth and Water Absorption

  1. The surface of the paper towel is very soft and smooth
  2. White colour tissue
  3. Free from Creped
  4. Free from foreign matters, stains, holes, abrasive materials dusts and unpleasant odours
  5. Soft with good hand-feel but does not disintegrate when used.  Dissolves readily in liquid / water after usage
  6. Suitable for daily use




We are producing Tissue paper. Our brand name are Queen, which is a HONG KONG’S brand. The surface of the paper towel is very soft and smooth. Water absorption is also quite strong.

Huco International Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 to expand operations in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas markets. We are solely committed to the tissue OEM (OEM production and packaging) business. Presently in the field of paper towel OEM production in mainland China, Hong Kong and overseas, Huco International is highly reputable and recognized in supermarkets, large chain stores and emerging markets. Some of our international customers include RT-Mart, AEON and Rainbow; large-scale chain stores include global Watsons, Japan's MUJI, Hong Kong 759 Store; emerging markets include Fiverams Baby, DSmama, and JoyOurbaby. Regardless of consumers' consumption habits, whether they prefer white paper or natural fiber paper, Huco International can be seen behind the commonly used paper.

With the advantages of orderly management, consitent quality, timely delivery and flexibility, Huco has been recognized by major well-known brands, and has further developed into the first choice for OEM white wood pulp paper, bamboo fiber, and natural paper. Huco International is willing to form partnerships with centralized governments, enterprise buyers, and major brands to provide high-quality products and the most competitive prices.